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I am Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Cloud Solutions Architect/DevOps Expert at an MNC company in India with multiple information technology certifications including Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect Expert, Microsoft Certified DevOps Expert, Microsoft Certified Security Engineer, Microsoft Certified Azure Network Engineer, Microsoft Certified Administrator in Azure and AWS Certified Certified Solutions Architect.

I have been privileged enough to have several roles for more than 8 years as DevOps, senior infrastructure/Cloud engineer, solutions architect as well as cloud security.

I have hands-on experience in architecting/automating and optimizing mission-critical deployment over small & large infrastructure. Proficient with Configuration Management tools and in developing CI/CD pipelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get Sample test paper?

Ans: KloudSaga is providing real exam experience with its Practice Tests which will help you to pass exam in first attempt.

2. How to get Proper Documentation?

Ans: Microsoft ( provides detailed documentation. If you have any doubts with respect to any topic you can post it either our courses Q&A or on our discussion groups ((, ( or write us [email protected]. We will try to resolve your doubts asap.

3. How to get Hands on Experience with Labs?

Ans. Microsoft Azure ( provide 12 months free services with $200 Azure Credit for new accounts. Create new account, register yourself and practice hands on Labs.

4. How to get Free or discounted coupon codes for Practice Tests?

Ans. KloudSaga provides regularly 80% Discount discounted Coupons Codes for all its practice tests on this website. Time to time KloudSaga also provide Free Coupon codes for our courses on these groups ( or company page (

5. How to get Free or discounted vouchers for Azure Certifications Exam?

Ans. Microsoft provides training sessions/webinars Microsoft Virtual Training Days, you need to register yourself and attend these sessions. After completing this free trainings, you’ll be eligible to get Free Gift Exam Vouchers ( Microsoft also provide MICROSOFT CLOUD SKILLS CHALLENGE 30 Days to Learn It. You can be eligible for 50% OFF the cost of a Microsoft Certification exam by completing your challenge within 30 days. (

6. Time Management for detailed preparation due to workload?

Ans. As its difficult for Everyone to manage time after office workloads, We will recommend you to -:

  1. Start Small then Go Big!
  2. When you have less time try to give Practice Tests.
  3. Once you have some extra hours learn from Videos or Practice Hands on Labs.
  4. Revise before Sleep Time!!!
  5. Utilize Weekends and take some time from your social media.
  6. Focus on your Goal! Practice More with KloudSaga Practice Tests!. You will ACE it !

7. What is Refund policy for KloudSaga Practice Tests?
  1. A full refund can be requested within 7 days of purchase as long as you have not attempted more than 30% plus or two practice tests from the course content.
  2. A 50% refund can be requested within 7 days of purchase if you have attempted more than 50-60% plus or two but less than five practice tests from the course content.
  3. If you have attempted 70% plus or five or more practice tests then you are no longer eligible for a refund.




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